The 34th ISTS Organizing Committee and the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (JSASS) would like to invite individuals of all nations interested in space-related activities to participate in this event. We are also very glad to hold together the 12th Nano-Satellite Symposium (NSAT) jointly with ISTS. Please join us at this event in Kurume.


The Perfect Balance between City and Countryside Kurume is a medium-sized city in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Located 30 minutes by local train (17minutes by Shinkansen) and less than an hour by car from Fukuoka City, Kurume is a transportation hub for southern Fukuoka Prefecture. Why not take advantage of this convenient access to pick fruit year-round and be healed by Kurume’s bountiful nature and beautiful flowers? The blessings of nature have also produced a diverse food culture here. For example, Kurume is the birthplace of tonkotsu (pork-bone broth) ramen and is known for its abundant array of ingredients for yakitori (grilled meat on a stick). With sake breweries that are attracting attention around the world, Kurume is satisfying the appetites of visitors within and beyond Japan. Kurume is also known as “the birthplace of rubber Industry”.

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The Symposium will address various fields of space-related technology and science. It will include Special Programs, Organized Sessions, 19 Technical Sessions of contributed papers, the Student Session and so on.

Plenary Special Programs after the Opening Ceremony (June 5th, 2023)
Organized Sessions (TBD)
Technical Sessions
a)Chemical Propulsion and Air-breathing Engines
b)Electric and Advanced Propulsion
c)Materials and Structures
d)Astrodynamics, Navigation Guidance and Control
e)Fluid Dynamics and Aerothermodynamics
f)Small Satellite : Joint session with NSAT
g)Space Transportation
h)Micro-gravity Sciences and Technology
i)Thermal Control
j)Satellite Communications, Broadcasting and Navigation
k)Science and Technology for Human and Robotic Space Exploration
m)Sounding Rocket, Balloon and Flight Experiment using Small Flight Vehicle
n)Earth Observation
q)Space Power Systems
r)Space Environment and Debris
t)Systems Engineering and Information Technology
u)Space Education and Outreach for the Benefit of All People
v)Space Law, Policy and History
w)Safety and Mission Assurance
Student Session
Special prizes will be awarded for meritorious papers.
Poster Session
Cultural Night (TBD)
Spacecraft Control System Design Contest
Awards are given to the upper players of outstanding control algorithms.

Registration Fee (TBD)

Pre-registration will be available on the web. Instruction and further information for electronic and on-site registration will be given in the following announcement. Fees for regular and student participants include On-site Digital Medium, which will include all the papers presented at the Symposium. Please be aware that only the regular and the student participants will be allowed to present a paper at the Symposium. Accompanying persons cannot attend any technical sessions.

Paper Distribution

All the papers presented at the 34th ISTS will be distributed either by an On-site Digital Medium or on a Paper Download Web Site for convenience of all the regular and student participants. They are also will be open to public through the ISTS Web Paper Archives Site after the symposium.

Journal Publication

After the symposium, authors can submit their papers to “Journal of Evolving Space Activities (JESA)” as well as any other journals. If the authors wish to submit their papers to JESA, the authors must declare their submittals to the Journal at submission of the papers to this symposium. The editorial committee will review the papers submitted to JESA.

Important Dates

Second Announcement and Call for Paper June 15, 2022
Online Abstract Submission Open Sep.3, 2022
Deadline for Abstract Oct. 31, 2022
Notification of Acceptance (for All authors) End of December, 2022
Deadline for Paper Upload (for Student Session only) Feb. 1, 2023
Notification of Presentation Schedule for All Authors) March. 1, 2023
Notification of Selection Results (for Student Session)
Third Announcement and Tentative Program Issue
Online Pre-registration Open
Online Paper Submission Open
Deadline for Paper Upload April 30, 2023

Note: The authors of the technical papers, who have not uploaded the paper by the deadline, are NOT allowed to make a presentation under the "No Paper, No Presentation" policy.